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A real story of a lady who was liked by a genie. The occasions of the story happen in the area of Hail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the poor lady dealt with her old daddy who was taking care of him. One day, among the children of the jinn enjoyed her and pursued her until he used it, so her life developed into hell, where she saw a great deal of Nightmares remain in her sleep and you see that there is a genie that interferes with and assaults on her throughout that, and after a very long time has actually passed, gray hair appears unusual to her, so her daddy felt that there was something strange about her or that she was had, so she called a cleric to recite the Qur'an, and the male really participated in and began reciting, What the dad had expected happened, however he was trying to lie to the last minute.

As quickly as the girl heard the Qur'an, she began screaming and her fingers knocked tight and the jinn started to speak on her tongue and send the danger and the promises to everyone who attempts to approach her. Her room and at midnight the doors and windows of the space around her started shaking, and the curtains fell around her. Unexpectedly, the girl vanished. The genie abducted her and ran away to the mountains of Hail.

After 2 days have passed because this occurrence, one of the security guys passed a procedure of this path, and he saw a lady falling from the top of the mountain. The girl from the top of the mountain and who was requesting water and appeared to have been significantly tortured, so perfectly her clothes were torn.

After the spread of this story, the Emir of Hail advised a prize of four million Saudi riyals to anybody who finds this woman, however no one has discovered any trace of her to this day.
There was a boy in his twenties, and one night he chose pals to the seashore, where this was their practice every weekend, and due to the fact that the weather was extremely cold, the young males decided to walk on the beach rather of swimming, while the boy was walking with Pals, he saw an animal that he thought was a rabbit, so he began running and checking out trying to capture him, and his good friends laughed and asked him to return since whatever he did he would not have the ability to catch him. The young guy did not comprehend at very first and kept running behind the animal till he showed to them that he could capture him, the animal went to a place Separated and unexpectedly stopped and turned around and if it has a dog-like item however much larger and stiffer and his eyes illuminate with an extremely frightening reflection and color.

The boy held his breath out of fear and began tossing stones at this deserted creature, but he did not conceal or get away, so the boy did not instantly pull away and quickly rushed back to his pals. After a little viewpoint, a young man of himself is extremely good-looking approaching him and in his hand strikers for the video game of tennis The boy did not speak, he only provided him the racket and the 2 started Visit the website playing together, he was so brilliant that our buddy might not beat or take him one point throughout the course of their play.

After a while, his friends came laughing hard. The young male was shocked by the comrades 'laughter and asked why you are chuckling. They informed him: God heal you, my love. His companions, taking a look at his hand and discovered himself currently holding an old shoe, turned around and found the boy who was having fun with him had no effect, he disappeared totally as if he vaporized.

He asked approval of the young man and returned early to his home and stayed throughout his night thinking of what he saw and what happened to him, and he never dared to go to the seaside, and he never ever even approached that place again, and up until now he did not understand a description of what happened and did not know with whom he was playing, since Sure, he could not have pictured. He really took the racket from the kid's hand, grabbed the ball, hit it, and recovered to him throughout of the video game. With whom was he playing? God understands.

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